Fundraising at Lindengate

We raise a significant proportion of our income from charitable donations, fund-raising and grant awards. Contact us today on 01296 622443 or

Individuals can donate or support Lindengate in a number of ways such as

  • Organise a plant or produce sale – sell your plants and produce to others and make a donation to Lindengate.
  • If you love gardening why not offer your services to help someone in their garden in exchange for a donation to Lindengate.
  • If you are not a gardener then how about running a coffee morning or other local fund-raising activity?

If you work for a business see if they match donations or will publicise Lindengate events. Perhaps they can hold an event to support Lindengate such as a quiz night or similar?

If you are involved in a grant-awarding body or Trust fund and think that Lindengate may be able to benefit from your organisation's work please give us a call on 01296 622443 or email us at

If you know someone who is able to make a donation and they are a tax-payer we can reclaim 25% of the donation through Gift Aid – 'free' money from HMRC!

Download a Gift Aid form here.