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Corn Dollies

Here at Lindengate we have been trialling 3 different types of grain – wheat, rye and oats, this year, with the intention of making some harvest tokens and corn dollies with our participants. ‘Once given, it became a symbol of the budding romance. If the recipient wore the token to church, the giver would know their affection was returned. If [...]

Corn Dollies2021-10-21T12:18:05+01:00

Lindengate in Lights – Sponsor a Greenhouse 2021

We are looking for businesses and community groups to sponsor a greenhouse that will be part of our illuminated nature trail this December. As twilight falls, wander round our Winter garden trail, which has been magically transformed with dramatic colour, displays and our Beam of Hope. Lindengate in Lights runs from the 17th - 19th December and this year, we [...]

Lindengate in Lights – Sponsor a Greenhouse 20212021-10-13T10:06:54+01:00

Wildlife of the Week – Leaf Cutter Bee

Leafcutter bees (Megachilidae) are a solitary type of bee and there are a total of seven species in this family within the United Kingdom. If you have seen leaves with holes cut into them by little jaws, this is down to the female Leafcutter bees (Megachilidae) who use the pieces to build the cells in their nest. Find out more [...]

Wildlife of the Week – Leaf Cutter Bee2021-09-20T15:23:21+01:00

10 Plants to Propagate in September

It's a busy time of year at Lindengate, with the team busy harvesting a fantastic variety of fruits & vegetables in the kitchen gardens and propagating plants, ready to be planted out next Spring.  Take a look at the Gardeners World guide of the best plants to propagate.  You could even donate some to Lindengate next Spring!    

10 Plants to Propagate in September2021-09-20T15:16:35+01:00

Tall Ships Youth Trust Sets Sail

Twenty young people are set to benefit from a residential voyage with Tall Ships Youth Trust (TSYT) - a charity that provides young people with unique and challenging experiences at sea - thanks to funding from Buckinghamshire-based The Clare Foundation.  Four young people will be joining the crew from Lindengate, setting sail on Monday 23rd August. Read the Press Release

Tall Ships Youth Trust Sets Sail2021-08-23T14:52:24+01:00

Wildflower of the Week – Bird’s Foot Trefoil

Bird’s-foot trefoil is a spreading, low-growing plant with lots of pretty yellow flowers from May to September. The name ‘bird’s-foot’ is from the seed pods that start to form in August, with three pods on a stalk, sticking out like bird’s feet. Bird’s-foot trefoil is also known colloquially as ‘eggs and bacon’, ‘butter and eggs’, and ‘hen and chickens’, as [...]

Wildflower of the Week – Bird’s Foot Trefoil2021-08-19T11:30:58+01:00

Engaging Our Sense of Smell in the Garden

One of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, is to Take Notice.  When thinking about what to plant in your garden, there are many things to consider. Thrive has many hints and tips on how to make the best of your outdoor space.  Engaging Our Sense of Smell

Engaging Our Sense of Smell in the Garden2021-08-05T09:42:16+01:00

Wildlife of the Week – Elephant Hawk Moth

This beautiful caterpillar was spotted on the path in the nature area at Lindengate recently, by one of the participants whilst we walked around the area looking at all the flora and fauna living in this little oasis, totally oblivious  of the busy road only a few metres away. It was very lucky that none of us accidentally trod on it, as [...]

Wildlife of the Week – Elephant Hawk Moth2021-08-05T09:34:19+01:00

Digging Potatoes

We have recently been helping to dig up some of the potatoes that were planted at Lindengate.  You may be doing the same if you have  planted any and they are ready. Did you know that according to the  BBC Good Food guide there are approximately 500 varieties of potato grown in this country! Amazing isn’t it?! However, there are [...]

Digging Potatoes2021-07-28T14:01:55+01:00
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