Blackberry Paint

If you are out for a walk why not look out for blackberries in the hedgerow.

For safety reasons only pick blackberries and if any children are with you make sure that they only pick the blackberries that you point out for them.
Blackberries make a great natural paint. Take a card punnet or a plastic reusable container with you and put the blackberries into it.

When you get home, you can squash the berries in the container. As blackberry juice can stain you could use a stick from the garden if you don’t want to use your hands or perhaps find some disposable gloves to use.

Collect some natural materials to use as “brushes” – feathers, sticks and plant stems etc. Dip these in the blackberry paint and start painting!
How does it feel? What colour does the paint appear to be on the paper? What happens to the paint when it dries?