Cloud Watching

This time of year there is a real mix of weather including bright sunny days, misty mornings and days filled with clouds and rain.

Cloud formations are very varied. They are continually appearing, moving, changing and disappearing. Have you ever taken the time simply to watch how they move and change or just to observe their shapes?

Find a quiet place to sit and make yourself comfortable.  If the ground is dry or you have a mat to use you might like to lay down on it. Take a few deep breathes – in gently through the nose and out through your mouth. Never look directly at the sun as this could hurt your eyes. Look at the clouds. Try to gaze at one cloud or area of the sky and notice what shape the clouds are.  How are they moving? What do they look like? How fast are they moving? Are you feeling the wind as well that is blowing the clouds?

Relax and enjoy the moment quietly watching them. Perhaps you can describe

If you would like to find out more about clouds and other types of weather you can find some facts on or see the sheet describing five different types of clouds.