Dementia / Memory Loss

There are known benefits of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture for people living with memory loss and dementia. These include:

    • improved emotional state
    • improved verbal expression
    • improved memory and attention
    • improved sleeping & eating
    • improved social interaction and sense of belonging
    • sense of well-being
    • reduced anger
    • reduced apathy
    • reduced stress
    • reduced agitation
    • reduced depression
    • sense of independence
    • self-esteem and control

(Clark et al (2013)

Memory Pathways at Lindengate

Lindengate runs a drop-in programme that provides individual and group support for people with memory loss, confusion or dementia and their carers.

It is set within a gardening environment and offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities geared towards mental and physical stimulation. The sessions combine Lindengate’s three key elements: gardening, cooking and art & craft and are free to Service Users (we call them Gardeners).

The Lindengate ethos is to treat all our Gardeners as individuals and provide them with the tailored support they need.

Memory Pathways sessions will run throughout the year with an emphasis on craft and cooking during the winter months but still providing access to the outdoors when the weather and surface conditions are appropriate.

The Memory Pathways programme aims to provide positive outcomes to both those with memory loss symptoms and also their carers by:

  • supporting people to live well through a variety of activities associated with gardening
  • offering support & social opportunities for carers
  • accessing happy reminiscences for people with memory loss
  • having a positive impact on emotional well-being, countering loneliness, offering physical health benefits and encouraging mobility in a natural environment

From September 2019 Memory Pathways sessions will run on three Fridays each month, between 10.00am – 1.00pm.  Please call us for details of new timings on 01296 622443.

A typical session will include:

    • 10.00am – Welcoming activity offering a familiar initial activity
    • 10.10am – A themed morning session offering a variety of activities utilising Lindengate’s rich resource mix of craft, gardening, harvesting & cooking
    • 11.00pm – Themed walks where gardening / household memorabilia will be placed around the site, alongside a couple of small, structured activities
    • 11.45pm – Shared lunch – Gardeners will bring their own packed lunch
    • 12.15pm –  1.00pm – Activity lasting until session closes; opportunity to choose a different activity from those offered in the morning session
    • All activities can be joined at different times. People can come just for lunch.

Please phone the Lindengate office for more information and to reserve a place on 01296 622443