We have recently been helping to dig up some of the potatoes that were planted at Lindengate.  You may be doing the same if you have 

planted any and they are ready. Did you know that according to the  BBC Good Food guide there are approximately 500 varieties of potato grown in this country!

Amazing isn’t it?!

However, there are only around 80 varieties that are grown commercially and find their way into the shops for most of us to buy. The variety of potato most widely grown in the UK at the moment is the Maris Piper which is a main crop. It was introduced in 1

966 and was one of the first potatoes to be bred to be resistant to some of the major pests that affect plant growth.

Potatoes can be used for different meals according to whether they are waxy or floury. Traditionally floury potatoes are used for mashed potato dishes and waxy are used more when potatoes are required to stay more whole.

Why not look up some of the varieties and find out what they are used for and maybe try out some of the recipes. The BBC Good Food site have some tasty recipes using potatoes.  Potato Recipes