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The essential guide for growing, planting and caring for your trees.

In the year of the Queen’s Green Canopy there has never been a more important time to plant a tree. Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, sustain wildlife and help prevent soil erosion. For thousands of years they have given us shelter and materials for tools and fire.  Trees are our silent warriors removing CO2 from our atmosphere in the battle against climate change.  

On Lindengate’s ‘A tree for life’ workshop, you will leave confident in understanding how to plant and care for your tree.

During this unique course you will also learn:

  • What tree, where – location, location and beyond. The importance of soil. Choosing the right tree for your space and landscape.
  •  Understanding the importance of native versus non-native species.
  •  Gain a basic understanding of tree identification.
  •  Know where not to plant a tree.
  •  Understand how trees support biodiversity, creating wildlife habitats.
  •  Learn through a practical session how to plant a tree, gaining an understanding of different techniques for tree and hedge planting.
  •  Know how to care for your tree once it is planted.
  •  Gain a knowledge of companion planting.
  •  Learn how a tree can give life beyond its natural lifespan because a tree really is for life

 You will also have the opportunity to purchase one of our Lindengate nurtured trees or hedging.  At Lindengate we have wide range of native species from edible hedges to majestic oaks. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our famous Black Poplar trees and become part of the campaign to protect this endangered species.

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