Exploring Plants and Nature

There are plenty of activities using plants and nature; you could create a small bit of Lindengate in your own home, either indoors or outside if you have space. Our aim over the coming weeks is to show you some that you can join in with.

Why not start by growing your own tomato plant? All you need is a slice of tomato containing seeds a yoghurt pot (or something similar) and soil and water

  1. Make some small holes in the bottom of the pot
  2. Fill the pot with soil almost to the top
  3. Place the tomato slice on top with just a sprinkle of soil covering it
  4. Place on a windowsill and water the soil daily to make sure it stays moist
  5. You should start to see the new tomato plant begin to grow between 7-14 days

When the tomato seedlings have 3 leaves transfer them into their own yoghurt pots (so make sure you remember to save them) to let them grow.

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