Get Involved!


If you’re looking to support your community as part of your CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) , then why not look to support Lindengate.

I’ve got an idea/would like some ideas to fundraise for Lindengate.Great, thank you so much – we’d love to support you!  If you’d like to chat through your idea, how to maximise your fundraising, or any other requests for support you many need, you can email us at Fundraising, or call us on 07510 598709.

A great way to support your own mental health and wellbeing is to get active, it’s fabulous that you’d like to combine this with fundraising for Lindengate.  We can support you with anything from creating your own challenge, to running a marathon and the best ways to get involved in some of the top local and national events, in aid of Lindengate.  You can email us at Fundraising, or call us on 07510 598709.

We are incredibly grateful to you for considering putting Lindengate forward for your organisation to support.  If you are unsure whether your organisation works with or supports charities, the easiest way to find out is to simply ask your HR department.  Our fundraising team would be more than happy to assist you in doing so.  Should your organisation be interested in supporting Lindengate, please contact our fundriasing team at Fundraising, or call us on 07510 598709.

As a small organisation, we depend on voluntary donations and support from groups like yours, so thank you in advance!  We do our best to work with groups according to what you would like to learn/know/how you would like to support Lindengate.  Please contact our fundraising team Fundraising, or call us on 07510 598709.

Gift Aid is very helpful for us in that we are able to reclaim a further 25p in every £1 donated. If you donate or fundraise online then please tick the Gift Aid box with your details. This means we can reclaim the additional funds from HMRC. If you are donating in person, or by cheque then please consider filling out a Gift Aid form so that we can reclaim the additional funds.

Why not raise funds for Lindengate while doing your online shopping – it’s easy to set up and free too! Just click on the logo links below and start shopping at your favourite shops. Don’t forget to save the links to raise money while doing all your Christmas shopping.

You can donate regularly, or a one off payment.  We trust Enthuse to handle the processing of our online payments. You will see their name mentioned on the form.