Gardening jobs for November

There are more things that can be planted out over winter.  There’s still time to plant some flowers and flowering plants such as crocus, sweet peas, alliums, ajuga and eryngiums.

Other jobs in the garden or allotment:

  • Prune fruit bushes
  • Net brassicas
  • Cut down autumn raspberries

There is a full list of job checklists on the Gardeners World website

Don’t forget to give some consideration to the wildlife in the garden through the autumn and winter months. There is often less food around at this time of year. Seedheads from some plants provide food for birds and ivy is good for pollinators who may need a last feed. Although its lovely to tidy the garden if you have a small corner where you can leave some logs, branches, dead leaves and moss you may find that insects move in and use this for.