Jobs to do in your Garden

At this time of year there are plenty of tidying up jobs to be done to get ready for springtime.
Has your shed or cupboard where you store your gardening tools and equipment become untidy? Now is the time to sort it out. Tools can be checked for repairs and put into order so they can be easily located when they are needed for jobs. Linseed oil can be used to make wooden tool handles waterproof and last a lot longer.
If you have a greenhouse, it’s a good idea to take out any old plants that have stopped growing and compost any plant materials as long as they are not too tough and fibrous. Tip out any used soil onto your borders or into a bag for reuse with plants that don’t need so many nutrients. The green house will need to be washed with a weak solution of detergent, using a cloth or sponge and then the detergent rinsed off. Finally, with a soft absorbent cloth gently rub the glass to dry and make it smear free.

Old pots and containers that are empty will need to be washed or brushed clean and stored upside-down for the winter in your sparkly clean greenhouse. How about researching what vegetables and flowers that you can plant and grow in your greenhouse over winter?

For other jobs to do in the garden at this time of year see the “What to do now” section of the Gardeners World website.