Lindengate@Home (#lindengate@home) is for everyone who might be struggling with the effects of Covid 19 and isolation. Let’s face it there are not many of us who are not in some way finding life difficult at the moment.  Our normal structure and balance in life has been seriously disrupted and many of us are having to deal with life changing circumstances in so many different areas.

Lindengate@Home can be adapted to support anyone’s needs. It is designed to help you gently regain some structure and purpose in your day and learn how to reconnect (albeit in different ways) with those things that can help you to maintain and regain your wellbeing.  The simple and easy to follow activities are based on what we very successfully use to support people at Lindengate.  They can be found behind each of the “5 ways to wellbeing” buttons.  So, for example,  if you are a family wanting to better connect with loved ones around the country, want to be able to give back to your neighbourhood, or you are in a Care Home or are a carer and are looking for things to help those in your care, then we urge you to try Lindengate@Home (#lindengate@home).  This is all about helping us to process what’s happening, providing ourselves with coping mechanisms and gaining some resilience.

New activities will be added every week and if you have any activities that you think might be good to add then please send them to

5 Ways To Wellbeing


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