This stunningly beautiful hand sculpture was part an award winning floral installation which won Gold at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 by the brilliant talented, In Water Flowers’ florist company based in London.

Nature – A Fragile beauty was an installation that was originally created to showcase the fragility of the relationship between nature and humanity and how we need to create a balanced and harmonious life together. From natural and sustainable UK materials, the sculptural piece illustrated that if we work with Mother Nature, she will give us a hand to nurture our world for future generations.

In 2021, In Water Flowers kindly donated the hand to Lindengate less the original planting which would have struggled to survive our exposed conditions. It took over a dozen people to carry it off a large truck and transport it up the gardens into place.  As you see it today, the hand has been redesigned in 2021 to be the main feature of a new tiny, shady woodland garden with a feature pond nestled beneath the hand’s outstretched fingers.  It shows that even if you have a tiny outside space, a stunning garden with a pond can be created.

Today, woven into the wooden structure are sedums and drought tolerant plants. Surrounding the pond are two Betula pendula trees, buddlejah davidii, and some of the splendid Lindengate grown wildflowers including Lotus corniculatus (Bird’s-foot trefoil), Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow parsley), and Succisa pratensis (Devil’s bit Scabious) to attract the butterflies and bees to the pond area. Grasses are also featured, not only for their beauty, but as a valuable food source for the birds, creating a centre for biodiversity and balance.  Within the natural planting there are also some cultivars included. Achellea millefolium ‘Apple Blossom’, Selinum wallichianum, Alchemilla mollis, Verbena  ‘Lollipop’ and herbs, Galium odoratum, Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurascens’, Lavender angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ are all visible to name but a few!  Also spot the native aquatics in the pond to help create a perfect ecosystem for nature and humans to enjoy in harmony.

At the start of the 20th century, there were around a million freshwater ponds in Britain, supporting a bio-diverse mix of creatures, plants, herbs and trees.  As we entered the 21st Century, according to Pond Conservation, 80% of the remaining ponds were seen to be in poor condition. This is hopefully changing with increase awareness because ponds are essential to provide food and protection to wildlife and plants.

See what else you can spot when you visit this gorgeous part of the Lindengate gardens.