Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching This time of year there is a real mix of weather including bright sunny days, misty mornings and days filled with clouds and rain. Cloud formations are very varied. They are continually appearing, moving, changing and disappearing. Have you ever taken the time simply to watch how they move and change or just to observe their shapes? [...]

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Gardening Jobs for November

Gardening jobs for November There are more things that can be planted out over winter.  There’s still time to plant some flowers and flowering plants such as crocus, sweet peas, alliums, ajuga and eryngiums. Other jobs in the garden or allotment: Prune fruit bushes Net brassicas Cut down autumn raspberries There is a full list of job checklists on [...]

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Jobs to do in your Garden

Jobs to do in your Garden At this time of year there are plenty of tidying up jobs to be done to get ready for springtime. Has your shed or cupboard where you store your gardening tools and equipment become untidy? Now is the time to sort it out. Tools can be checked for repairs and put into order [...]

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How to plant bulbs in a pot

How to Plant Bulbs in a Pot A cheerful container of spring bulbs is an easy way to create a splash of colour. By layering bulbs as shown in our word file, you will get colour from lots of different flowers. Planting several pots in the autumn will really give your patio the wow factor in spring. You can [...]

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Blackberry Paint

Blackberry Paint If you are out for a walk why not look out for blackberries in the hedgerow. For safety reasons only pick blackberries and if any children are with you make sure that they only pick the blackberries that you point out for them. Blackberries make a great natural paint. Take a card punnet or a plastic reusable [...]

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Mindful Walk

Mindful Walk Blustery day? Why not wrap up warm and go for a walk. Enjoy the feel of the wind against your face and listen for the sound it makes in any trees nearby. Whilst walking notice how the colours of the leaves are starting to change. There may be blackberries and rosehips in the hedgerows. Choose a natural [...]

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Seeds and Trees

Seeds and Trees Seed saving Seed saving (Seedcollecting) (bulb information) (tree id chart) (take notice on a walk)

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Rainbow Walk

Rainbow Walk Head outside and simply start walking while looking for something in each colour of the rainbow. You will begin to tune into your surroundings and start noticing things that you would usually have just walked right by. Pay attention to all the beauty around you and once you have found something in each colour, you can just [...]

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Exercise Now we are able to go outside to open spaces more freely why not spend some time exercising in a way that suits you. Physical activity releases brain chemicals such as endorphins, which help to relieve discomfort and boost our mood. Exercise helps regulate our mood and by taking our exercise outside it gives us a natural boost [...]


Board Games and Card Games

Board Games and Card Games These are a good way of keeping ourselves mentally active. Though some may be aimed more at children there are also games out there for adults. With most of us having at least a pack of cards within the home you can play these with others in your household or you can play online [...]

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