Clay Plant Toppers

Our regular participants have been busy making some fabulous clay plant toppers.  These will be used at Lindengate in the garden - see if you can spot any when you next visit. If making them at home, they would make wonderful gifts to family and friends.  Some of these toppers were made to replicate natural items such as flowers or [...]

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Engaging Our Sense of Smell in the Garden

One of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, is to Take Notice.  When thinking about what to plant in your garden, there are many things to consider. Thrive has many hints and tips on how to make the best of your outdoor space.  Engaging Our Sense of Smell

Engaging Our Sense of Smell in the Garden2021-08-05T09:42:16+01:00

Wildlife of the Week – Elephant Hawk Moth

This beautiful caterpillar was spotted on the path in the nature area at Lindengate recently, by one of the participants whilst we walked around the area looking at all the flora and fauna living in this little oasis, totally oblivious  of the busy road only a few metres away. It was very lucky that none of us accidentally trod on it, as [...]

Wildlife of the Week – Elephant Hawk Moth2021-08-05T09:34:19+01:00

Digging Potatoes

We have recently been helping to dig up some of the potatoes that were planted at Lindengate.  You may be doing the same if you have  planted any and they are ready. Did you know that according to the  BBC Good Food guide there are approximately 500 varieties of potato grown in this country! Amazing isn’t it?! However, there are [...]

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Making a Bird Feeder

Make our brilliant DIY birdhouse feeder and attract all sorts of birds to your garden! If you don't have a green space of your own to hang it, you could make it as a gift.   How to Build a Bird Feeder

Making a Bird Feeder2021-07-28T14:03:34+01:00

Wildfood of the Week – Tree Spinach

Tree spinach has eye-catching bright magenta leaves with almost sparkly growing tips. Plants can grow up to 2m tall, hence the name Tree spinach. This vigorous plant can be harvested as a cut and come again leaf from 25cm tall. Easy to grow, adds columns of height and colour to the veg garden. Yields are high and the plants aren’t [...]

Wildfood of the Week – Tree Spinach2021-07-05T16:18:52+01:00

Going for a Walk

Taking some time to walk, just for the sake of walking, without thinking about where you're going or why, can be an act of self-care.  Why not try a short walking meditation to make the most of these light summer evenings?  You don’t need to do it throughout your whole walk, just a section to help you to focus on [...]

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Try Something New – Wild Garlic

Have you ever tried wild garlic? Often found in ancient and mature woodland, wild garlic can be hard to miss. You might notice the smell first and then, perhaps among the bluebells, you might see a carpet of broad leaved plants on the forest floor. The leaves are best picked when young and fresh (before it flowers) and are perfect [...]

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