Clay Plant Toppers

Our regular participants have been busy making some fabulous clay plant toppers.  These will be used at Lindengate in the garden - see if you can spot any when you next visit. If making them at home, they would make wonderful gifts to family and friends.  Some of these toppers were made to replicate natural items such as flowers or [...]

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Aromatic Orange Pomander

It is amazing how when we notice the scent of an object we can take such pleasure from it. Often, smells remind us of pleasurable events of the past or poignant moments in our lives. For example, a briny smell may bring back memories of a surf laden seaside holiday, roses of our granny’s garden, coffee of lazy mornings reading [...]

Aromatic Orange Pomander2021-10-28T11:30:10+01:00

Corn Dollies

Here at Lindengate we have been trialling 3 different types of grain – wheat, rye and oats, this year, with the intention of making some harvest tokens and corn dollies with our participants. ‘Once given, it became a symbol of the budding romance. If the recipient wore the token to church, the giver would know their affection was returned. If [...]

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10 Plants to Propagate in September

It's a busy time of year at Lindengate, with the team busy harvesting a fantastic variety of fruits & vegetables in the kitchen gardens and propagating plants, ready to be planted out next Spring.  Take a look at the Gardeners World guide of the best plants to propagate.  You could even donate some to Lindengate next Spring!    

10 Plants to Propagate in September2021-09-20T15:16:35+01:00

Making a Bird Feeder

Make our brilliant DIY birdhouse feeder and attract all sorts of birds to your garden! If you don't have a green space of your own to hang it, you could make it as a gift.   How to Build a Bird Feeder

Making a Bird Feeder2021-07-28T14:03:34+01:00

Easter Pancake Bunnies

Why not get together with the kids and let their creativity take over this Easter and create some healthy Easter Bunny pancakes.

Easter Pancake Bunnies2021-03-23T13:10:41+00:00

Other Wildlife

Leave some ivy as shelter for hibernating insects. Leave swept up leaves and leaf mould in piles in the corners of your garden – these will provide ideal habitats for hedgehogs, small mammals, amphibians and insects in the colder weather. Avoid turning compost as there may be creatures sheltering under it.

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Keep bird feeders and bird tables topped up and check bird baths daily to make sure there is a good supply of clean water and that it has not frozen. It’s a good idea to place a few small stones in the water as an escape route for animals and insects that find themselves unexpectedly in the water and [...]



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