Bladder Campion

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Silene vulgaris

Common Names: Common bladder catchfly, Cowbell, Maiden’s Tears, Devil’s Rattlebox

 Flowers May to September


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Bladder campion is a common wildflower found growing around the UK in meadows, grasslands and fields, and along hedgerows and roadside verges. It gets its common name from the bladder-like calyx (a bulge made-up of the fused sepals) just behind the flowers.

Bladder campion is one of the foodplants of the attractive red-and-black froghopper – an insect known for wrapping itself in a frothy mass we call ‘cuckoo-spit’.

The young leaves are sometimes added to salads in the Mediterranean where it grows much more abundantly.

In Roman mythology, the Goddess Minerva turned the young boy Campion into this plant after he fell asleep instead of catching flies for her owls. The bladder represents the bag he should have filled.


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