Common Agrimony

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Agrimonia eupatoria


Common Names: Aaron’s Rod, Church-Steeples, Clot-Bur, Fairy’s Wand, Money-in-both-Pockets, Salt-and-Pepper, Sweethearts

 Flowers June to September


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Spiky and yellow, this perennial plant grows in single stems to 80cm in size. The small yellow petals reveal themselves in stages from the bottom up. It is sometimes more visible for its rust-coloured hooked fruits than for its flowers.

The leaves have jagged edges and whitish undersides. The leaves and stems are softly hairy and the stems often reddish. Lower leaves are pinnate with 3-6 pairs of larger leaflets interspersed with smaller leaflets.

Some people use agrimony to represent thankfulness or gratitude. It has many uses in herbal medicine including for ulcers, to stop bleeding, for gallstones, unsettled digestive systems and catarrh. Agrimony was mentioned as a witch’s cure for people who were “elf-shot” or suffering unexplained illness also used against snake-bite.

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