Common Mallow

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Malva sylvestris

Common Name: Cheeses, High Mallow

 Flowers June to October

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Common mallow is a handsome wild flower of waste ground, roadside verges and gardens. Its deep pink, stripy flowers provide nectar for insects throughout the summer. A handsome, large, spreading plant with beautiful deep pink flowers that appear from June to October. Certain parts of Common mallow are edible (leaves, flowers and seeds) and there is evidence that the Romans may have deliberately cultivated the plant to be used for food and medicine.  Found throughout the UK, but especially common in Wales and Southern England. The French word for mallow is ‘mauve’, which is where we get the word for the colour mauve from.

Its fruit looks like wedges of cheese, leading to lots of cheese-themed local names: Bread and cheese, Chucky cheese, Custard cheeses, Fairy cheeses, Lady’s cheese and truckles of Cheese. They taste, however, more like peanuts.


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