Crab Apple, Wild

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Malus sylvestris

Family: Rosaceae

Origin: native

A symbol of fertility and a forager’s delight.

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Malus sylvestris

A symbol of fertility and a forager’s delight. Crab apple trees are associated with love and marriage and its small, hard fruits make an exquisite, jewel-coloured jelly. Crab apple trees can live to up to 100 years and mature trees grow to around 10m in height.

Crab apples contain a lot of pectin and are great for helping jellies to set or making crab apple cheese.

The wood burns well with a pleasant smell and the bark was used in the past to create a reddish/yellow dye.

The crab apple is one of the few host trees to the parasitic mistletoe, Viscum album, and trees are often covered in lichens.

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