Devil’s-bit Scabious

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Succisa pratensis

Common Name: Bobby Bright Buttons

Flowers July to October

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Devil’s-bit scabious is in the teasel family and like its relative, it is rich in pollen and nectar. It is popular with bees, moths and butterflies, especially the vulnerable Marsh Fritillary butterfly and the Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth.

Beautiful pincushion, lilac-blue flowers, up to 75cm tall. This wild flower is widespread throughout the UK. It is found on grassland, especially rocky grassland, and among hedgerows, meadows, mountain slopes, and stream-banks. It favours slightly acidic soils and prefers to grow in damp areas.

According to one legend, the name is derived from the plant’s short, stubby roots – the Devil grew angry about the plants medicinal properties and so bit the roots off.

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