Hemp Agrimony

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Eupatorium cannabinum

Common Names: Holy Rope, Sparklers Andurion

Flowers from July to September

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A back of the border, tall downy herbaceous perennial (1.5m high) often found in clumps with big, fluffy heads of tiny pink.  Can be grown in a shady woodland garden or sunny border; a thirsty plant. Seeds have parachutes of white hairs. Early herbalists used it a purge, emetic and a cure for dropsy and jaundice.  As a poultice it was used to heal wounds and as an infusion it helped with colds and flu.

Leaves laid on bread stopped it becoming mouldy. As the plant contains tannin it would also be used in the dyeing of linen and in the manufacture of leather. Goats are said to be the only animals that will eat this plant.  Hang a bunch of Hemp Agrimony in a new home to ward off evil spirits and negativity.

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