Musk Mallow

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Malva moschata

Common Names: Abelmosk, Ambrette, Muskdana, Musk Okra

Flowers July to August

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An elegant relative of Common mallow, Musk mallow has delicate pale pink, saucer-shaped flowers and per date delicate leaves standing 1m tall, with a musky smell. It grows on roadside verges and field edges, and in hedgerows, pastures and churchyards. It favours dry places and is a popular cottage garden plant.  The petals have fine, dark pink veins. Preferring a dry area, this is a popular cottage garden plant. The musky scent of the flowers and leaves is enhanced when they are brought indoors.

The ancient Greeks used musk mallow to decorate friends’ graves and was once an ingredient in soothing cough syrups and ointments, and it was also valued as an aphrodisiac! In the Victorian “Language of Flowers” it is said to be a symbol of ‘consumed by love’, persuasion, and weakness.


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