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Hieracium aurantiacum L.

Common Names: Fox-and-Cubs, Hare and Hounds, Devil’s Paintbrush, Grim-the-Collier

Flowers June – October

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A low-growing plant with shallow fibrous roots and a basal rosette of elliptical to lanceolate leaves. All parts of the plant exude a milky juice. The flowering stem is usually leafless or with just one or two small leaves. The stem and leaves are covered with short stiff hairs, usually blackish in colour. The flowers are orange, almost red, which is virtually invisible to bees, yet they also reflect ultraviolet light, increasing their conspicuousness to pollinators.

The flowers are visited by various insects, including many species of bees, butterflies, pollinating flies.  The flowers come in a range of colours from a deep rust-orange to a pure yellow and often show striking gradients of colour.


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