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Linaria vulgaris

Common Names: Butter and Eggs, Brideweed

 Flowers July to October

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Common toadflax is a pretty and a colourful native wildflower that’s commonly seen growing on open sunny sites like verges, hedge banks and open meadows. In the garden, common toadflax is well suited to growing in a meadow, a naturalistic or cottage style of garden, or on a bank, where the blooms bring colour for months as well as providing an excellent food source for bees and other pollinators. Its leaves are eaten by caterpillars of the toadflax brocade moth.

Attractive flowers are borne on slender upright stems, tightly packed or in clusters, above slender green leaves. The individual blooms are similar in shape to snapdragons (though unrelated), with two-lipped flowers 20-35mm long that have deeper yellow or orange-yellow centres and pale-yellow petals – hence its other common name of ‘butter and eggs’.


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