Weekly programme over 6 weeks, using nature to support natural growth, increase resilience and improve wellbeing, in our gardens & Nature Reserve.   Please complete a Referral Form.


Women’s Wellbeing Group

For adults, taking place every month, offering a safe and relaxing environment, to build resilience and improve wellbeing.  Please complete a Registration Form.

Women's Wellbeing Group

Nature Connection

Tailored sessions for groups, to support specific team needs.  Nature based activities, involving bushcrafts, heritage skills and conservation, enabling your wellbeing to benefit from a stronger connection with nature, whilst learning new techniques and skills that can then be used in any setting.  Please complete a Registration Form.

Wellbeing Pathways

Through The Gate – Supported Volunteering

Your opportunity to volunteer at Lindengate, with peer support from other volunteers.  Meet new friends, working together to support the environment and Lindengate’s 5 acre gardens, while benefitting from the natural surroundings.  Please complete an Apprentice Volunteer Form.

Wellbeing Pathways