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Let us help you regain and maintain a happy and productive team

Keeping your team well and in work, or returning quickly, is vital to the productivity of any business.  At Lindengate, with nature as our teacher, our friendly, safe and supportive environment, coupled with award winning programmes, provides space for them to look to the good things in life, find individual coping mechanisms and build resilience into our wellbeing.

Take a look at our brochure on how we can support your team & get in touch to discuss your specific team needs.

Open Gardens (Rest & Reflect)

Open Gardens – Wednesday – 4.30 –  7.30pm & Saturday 1.30pm – 4.30pm (last entry 30 minutes before closing)

Free entry for all to wander through our gardens, discovering, learning, relaxing and reconnecting with nature.

  • We are delighted to welcome visitors to Lindengate, enabling everyone the opportunity to enjoy our unique 6 acre gardens.  Wander at your own pace through the gardens, marvelling at all the new sights and sounds that have been created over the past few months, including our Yurt Garden, Forest Walk & Heritage Orchard.
  • We have wifi across our site, so why not bring your laptop and a flask of coffee and work in calm and creative surroundings , by yourself, or bring a group for a team meeting.
  • Come and enjoy our gardens with friends and family – bring a picnic & sit amongst the wildlife – children can take part in a nature trail around the site, where we have plenty of new areas to explore.
  • Why not reconnect with work colleagues, community groups, friends or family at Lindengate?  Bring refreshments or a picnic and catch up in our gardens.
Rest & Reflect

Kitchen Gardens

Encouraging inter-generational relationships, to share skills, taking part in activities such as growing vegetables in limited spaces, recyclables, foraging & cooking.  Please complete a Registration Form.

Kitchen Gardens


Lindengate@Home (#lindengate@home) is for everyone who might be struggling with their wellbeing and isolation.  Our normal structure and balance in life has been seriously disrupted and many of us are having to deal with life changing circumstances in so many different areas.

Lindengate @ Home


Weekly programme over 6 weeks, using nature to support natural growth, increase resilience and improve wellbeing, in our gardens & Nature Reserve.   Please complete a Referral Form.


Women’s Wellbeing Group

For adults, taking place every month, offering a safe and relaxing environment, to build resilience and improve wellbeing.  Please complete a Registration Form.

Women's Wellbeing Group

Green Volunteens

Weekend sessions for Under 18’s supported by experienced volunteers, working together in our Nature Reserve.  All activities are nature based, focussing on conservation, bush crafts and heritage skills.

Young people are given the chance to learn new skills, meet new friends, support the environment and at the same time, benefit from their time connected with nature.  Please complete a Volunteer Application Form.

Wellbeing Pathways

Wellbeing Pathways

For adults with low to moderate mental health needs, these weekly sessions provide small group support to help people with their mental wellbeing through nature based activities.  Please complete a Referral Form.

Wellbeing Pathways

Nature Connection

Tailored sessions for groups, to support specific team needs.  Nature based activities, involving bushcrafts, heritage skills and conservation, enabling your wellbeing to benefit from a stronger connection with nature, whilst learning new techniques and skills that can then be used in any setting.  Please complete a Registration Form.

Wellbeing Pathways

Peer Support

Work as a “buddy” to an apprentice volunteer, to guide them through their journey to become an independent volunteer.  Working mainly outdoors, in our 5 acre gardens and Nature Reserve, supporting Young People and adults.   Offer regular support in a calm, non-judgemental way, to apprentice volunteers.  Please complete a Volunteer Registration Form.

Wellbeing Pathways


Want to try something different?  Taking place over 6 weeks, these once a week sessions use bushcrafts, conservation and mindfulness to develop soft skills to increase employment opportunities.

Do you want to have an experience of a lifetime while learning new skills in an informal and fun environment?   This is your chance to make new friends while gaining confidence.  Please complete a Referral Form.


Through The Gate – Supported Volunteering

Your opportunity to volunteer at Lindengate, with peer support from other volunteers.  Meet new friends, working together to support the environment and Lindengate’s 5 acre gardens, while benefitting from the natural surroundings.  Please complete an Apprentice Volunteer Form.

Wellbeing Pathways

Memory Pathways

Memory Pathways is for anyone living with memory loss, or mild to moderate dementia and their carers.  The sessions run between 10.30 and 12.30 on the first, third and last Fridays of the month. The group provides the opportunity to meet up with people in similar situations to enjoy nature based activities, make new friends, have a relaxing and stimulating time and get support.

At each session, there are seasonal nature based activities, arts and crafts, singing, reminiscing, poetry and more.  Please email for initial enquiries.

Memory Pathways