Seasonal Planting

Although there are fewer plants and seeds that are planted during this season there are still some that you can plant early and keep in your greenhouse over winter to plant out in your garden in the springtime. Garlic bulbs can be planted and some varieties of onions. Radishes and sweet peas too can be panted in pots and kept warm in a greenhouse, shed or even on a windowsill indoors. Mustard seed and some salad leaves can be planted and harvested all year round if kept indoors or under cover and Aquadulce Claudia broad beans can be planted outside directly into the soil as late as November and December ready to harvest in May and June next year.

Check the RHS and Gardeners World websites to see other seasonal plants that you can plant ready for them to fruit in the springtime. Then have a look in a local garden centre or gardening association shop to see what you can buy to plant.