From the very beginning, Lindengate wanted to create a Nature Reserve within our 6 acres, to develop a biodiverse environment and habitats for a wide range of wildlife.

We are delighted to be working with the support of The Clare Foundation, to create an acre and a half of space for young people, under the age of 25.

The area has been hugely supported by young people, who have taken ownership of the Nature Reserve and are regularly involved through groups such as Lindengate’s Green Volunteens (weekly volunteer group for 13–18’s), Budz (short programme over 6 weeks for schools) & Action4Youth, working with the National Citizen Service (Summer initiative for 16-17 years)

Lindengate have worked with a variety of supporters, including BBOWT, Chiltern Rangers & The Chiltern Society,, working together to teach skills such as scything, dead heading, fire lighting and bush crafts, species identification, willow weaving, fedging, habitats and behaviours of nature reptiles, to name a few.

The Nature Reserve has been hugely successful, with a series of linked ponds and ditches now running down the centre of the reserve and the banks are being planted with native wild flowers and plants recently donated by Chelsea Flower Show Gold winners, Urquart & Hunt, along with Black Poplar, grown as part of a conservation initiative at Lindengate.   2 underground reptile habitats/Lizard lounges have also been installed, alongside the ditches.

A wildlife hide is currently being constructed, to sit above the main conservation pond, where you can see the whole Nature Reserve area, including our honey bee enclosure, with 7 healthy hives and the promise of Lindengate honey coming soon.

Recently, our Green Volunteens took part in the National Pollinator Monitoring Scheme’s  Flower-Insect Timed (FIT) counts (Flower-Insect-Timed Counts), monitoring a 50 x 50cm square space for 10 minutes and recording every insect that landed within the square.