Who we Support


Through nature based activities, including conservation, kitchen & formal gardening and nature based crafts and arts, we support anyone who may be living with common mental health challenges.

At Lindengate we support people with a very wide range of common mental health needs, using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.  Our Gardeners (our term for service users) work alongside volunteers and staff on their goals amongst our 5 acre site. We are supportive and inclusive and  offer the opportunity to escape some of the stresses of daily life. Activities vary depending on the season and are guided by our qualified horticulture team. For variety and for rainy days we have facilities for Heritage Craft making and cooking is encouraged when our harvest allows.

We recognise that those who experience mental illness face many barriers in society. We challenge this discrimination and stigma. In our dealings with the wider community, we proudly present the fact that across our existing staff and volunteers we have experience of using mental health services and we believe that this allows us to offer a better quality of service to our Gardeners (service users).

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Thank you so much. My friend and I spent a wonderful 3 hours just relaxing and chatting-the garden is beautiful with lots of hidden nooks and crannies. To be honest it was so hot we chose a shady spot under the trees for most of the visit. In the last half hour We did have a quick walk round all of the garden finding lots of treasures and hidden gems. Need to come back to meander more.
The staff were so friendly and welcoming. It felt like a real treat.
Also it was reassuring to know you are still taking covid19  seriously with the offer of gloves and masks and of course hand gel. We made use of the hand gel but it was a relief not to use the masks outside work!
We will return !
Thank you


The garden’s a real treasure. The biggest heartfelt thanks to all your volunteers who are in the garden and have made the garden so beautiful-amazing!

“When I saw the Facebook post, I thought I know who I will go with.  Haven’t seen each other in ages.  Spent 2 hours talking, relaxing and sitting.  Will come back again.”