Red Dead Nettle – Lamium purpureum does not sting.  It displays dense clusters of pinky-red flowers in whorls around its stem and can be found on disturbed ground, in our gravel paths and flower beds.  

Red dead-nettle is a common plant that likes ot grow anywhere the grown has been disturbed or cultivated.  It grows to 30cm tall and doesnt’ have stinging leaves.  Its crimson flowers appear from March to October.

Looking similar to a stinging nettle, red dead-nettle is an annual with heart-shaped, toothed leaves and reddish, square stems.  Dense whorls of pinky-red “hooded” flowers appear up the stem.


Lots of species of long-tongued insects visit the flowers of red dead-nettle, including the red mason bee and bumblebees.  The caterpillars of garden tiger, white ermine and angle shades moths feed on the leaves.

At Lindengate this week, find them scattered in the gravel paths, we will try to move as many as we can to the new bank around the ditch in the Heritage Orchard.