Through the provision of nature based activities we empower everyone to nurture their wellbeing, connect to the healing power of nature and respect the environment.

Lindengate is a leading Nature based Health and Wellbeing Charity based in Wendover, Bucks, at the foot of the Chiltern Hills. Since 2014, and with the support of over 200 volunteers, Lindengate has transformed from a disused allotment site with 6ft high nettles, to a unique 6 acre secret garden with a Nature Reserve, Ponds, Heritage Orchard, Kitchen Garden and Sensory Garden with sculptures and heritage-based art hidden across the site.

At Lindengate, we believe the natural environment is a healer and teacher and have collated strong evidence regarding the therapeutic benefits for recovery from stress and illness.

All activities are nature based including site interaction walks (seasonal), nature-based arts and crafts (willow weaving/using natural materials from the site etc), kitchen gardening, plant care/self-care, volunteering, conservation, propagation, plant identification, mapping and more!  Our underlying ethos is to protect and enhance the natural environment resulting in projects spanning around many of our endangered flower and tree species. Upcycling and recycling are also factored into our woodworking projects.  Add to this the community of volunteers and staff who nurture a supportive, inclusive and safe environment and you have a recipe for success.

For details of all our programmes, please take a look below and at our Programmes page for further details.  We would value any support that you may be able to offer – find out how you can support us HERE.

For anyone that is unable to visit, take a look at Lindengate@Home, where you will find many activities that can help you keep active, learn new things, connect with and help others and become more aware of all the good things around you.


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